The launch of wearable technology has taken a new twist altogether. It has now reached the Olympics and particularly in the history of swimming. This is what occasioned the entry of Swimlytics, a combination of the words swimming and data analytics, which is intended to make the sport more refined and competitive. The wearable technology is expected to go into full use in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 specifically by Canadian swimmers in acquiring more gold medals.

Apparently, the wearable technology Swimlytics was all set before 2016 Rio Olympic Games. However, it would have been released because its inventor Dr. John Barden claimed that it needed more improvements. Nonetheless, it was unveiled at an Own The Podium sports science and technology summit in Calgary.

The innovation is expected to draw people into the high-performance sport

There is a lot behind the scenes in regards to the technology, which looks similar to a Garmin or Fitbit worn on the wrist. Its design has a particular target on professional swimmers, but it is also expected to attract many more swimmers.  There are speculations that a similar prototype technology helped the Canadian swimmers in Brazil given that they took home seven medals in the pool out of 22 in total. One of those who is so confident with the Canadian swimmers in 2020 Olympic Games is Olympic champions the 16-year old Penny Oleksiak.

According to Barden an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Regina says that Swimlytics is one of the secret sports project in Canada that has a yearly cost of $2 Million. It was funded by The Innovations for Gold, the government, and corporate sponsorship.

Its commercial availability

Swimmers like Rob Hill and Peter Brothers are some of the University of Calgary swimmers that have worn Swimyltics. Apparently, there is very scarce information about the new product. Anne Merklinger, the   CEO of Own The Podium states that the information will be made public once the product design is finalized even though Canadian swimmers will still be able to access it. They are also exercising maximum caution lest the other countries got wind of the product’s design thus copying it.