Stress has been a key factor in taking a decision of having a healthy food diet for individuals. Theories have come up suggesting that stress can hinder a person’s willpower of choosing a healthier diet plan.

A research had been carried out in Switzerland which lets people to choose food after receiving a moderate amount of stress in their livelihood.

The individuals were seen opting for a more tasty food than for going for a less tasty but healthier one.

The research showed that the nervous system provided pathways to the brain that tended to immediate emotional pleasure of having a tasty food on the plate. This leads to an increase in stress activity of the brain.

Eventually, the control over the willpower is lost as it majorly comprises an area of the brain cells. But if the eating option had been healthy and less tasty such as fruits, then the control over the willpower tends to increase over time.

Silvia Maier from the University of Zurich had claimed that self-control over the willpower is mainly done by a series of complex pathways to the brain. Depressions and disturbances are the major factors present in weakening of the will power.

Maier with a group of researchers recruited around 51 men who had the habit of eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

Half of the platoon was asked to put their hands in cold water for three minutes. This increased a bit of stress within the individuals.

Now all the men were asked to opt for a food dish after the experiment. The ones having stressed opted for unhealthy food while the others went for the healthy ones.

The researchers then looked into their brain functionality and found out that the stress made the men weaker with the choices of food and thus maintain an unhealthy regime.
Maier thus states that eventually if an individual having stress goes for a healthy food then the balanced diet plan could be maintained. This makes the person have a control over the food habits.

Maier also suggests that person should not have unhealthy foods like chips, ice cream available at their homes. If unavailable the craving over the unhealthy food would at least allow them to control over themselves.