Stephanie Clifford, widely known for her leading roles in pornographic film has made a shocking revelation. The renowned actor has disclosed that Donald J. Trump after having an affair with her had proceeded to offer her a $130,000 deal in an effort to gag her so that she couldn’t reveal details that would tarnish the name of the U.S leader.

Clifford has revealed that matters escalated in the 2016 campaign where she feared quite much about her young daughter’s safety as well as hers. Reports coming up are pointing to the fact that way back in 2011 she got approached by man in Las Vegas. That was in line with issuing her threats so that she could keep her peace.

Matters did not play out according to what Trump expected since the porn star proceeded to sell her story about Mr. Trump for $15,000 to Bauer Publishing and when the magazine unleashed the news quite a significant number of people were shocked about what their president was capable of.

Her life was in grave danger and though she might have thought of herself as having done the right thing, there is a number that did not approve of her moves, with some terming her as someone that was out there to make money using the reputation of leaders.

Clifford opined, “I was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter and a guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. That’s a beautiful little girl and it would be a shame if something happened to her mom.”

The person was assertive in outlining that it would be for her own good if she chose to forget the story and left the name of the U.S leader intact. A lot of people could have expected that the actor was well exposed and would to the right thing of going to file reports in a in a police station.

That wasn’t what happened on the contrary since she kept it to herself. There was a lawyer who approached her and he had come with an offer brokered by Mr. Cohen .And of course that happened on the final days that the U.S leader was busy conducting his campaigns. When asked time and gain what she wanted, she outlined that there was nothing that to that point in time mattered to her more than the safety of her family .

Cases of sexual harassment among women have been escalation for over quite some time and several bodies of good will that want the very best of women have been advocating for them to be given their place in the modern society.

But the sad bit is that in the various companies and organizations, it is changing things in a ’bad’ way. A lot of men are starting to keep away from the women especially during trips since they do not want to fall into the trap that could potentially leave them jobless.

But the question which most of us need to ask ourselves in the long run is on whether or not the voters care about what Trump does and what he doesn’t. The reality of the matter is the fact that most of the voters are with the passage of time starting to see moves by Trump as something normal.

It is not the first instance that Trump is being accused of such heinous acts. Two decades ago the U.S leader faced almost similar allegations. There are those who strongly believe that his behavior is questionable. Matters to do with integrity cannot be downplayed since they could end up leaving the country in shrugs.

A lot of people are looking forward to see where the scuffle gets to in the long run.