A common problem with experiences of new beds or old beds is the fact that they just don’t seem to shape right. This can cause long-term harm to individuals backs, and so forth. However, it is also a problem that can be remedied through a new smart technology, which is integrated into a certain kind of bed.

The technology itself is referred to as Sleep 360 and was originally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2017. This show took place in Las Vegas. The bed concept was also awarded ‘Best Of Innovation’ Honouree at the CES show.

More details about this smart bed technology

The bed is designed to monitor an individual while they sleep, in order to determine their sleeping patterns. From there the bed then incorporates various technology, to determine the best sleeping position for said user, and reshapes itself to fulfill this position.

The president of Select Comfort, Shelly Ibach, stated, “A great night of quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Consumers love that Sleep Number 360 smart bed automatically adjusts during the night to ensure the best sleep ever.”

However, the bed is not only limited to maximizing the quality of rest that a user is able to experience. There are additional features that have been integrated through this technology, to ensure users the best quality rest possible.

Other features of Sleep Number 360 technology

There are many who often get restless nights, due to their partner being overly loud when it comes to snoring. However, through the incorporation of this technology, that will no longer be a problem. This is due to the snoring monitors, which the bed is equipped with.

The technology will adequately adjust the bed when it detects snoring, which in turn, will aid in reducing the amount of snoring done by said partner while they rest. The bed is able to reconfigure itself as you sleep through two air cylinders which are compressed and decompressed, in accordance to the required position for maximum quality of sleep.