As per recent medical reports, a total of more one hundred thousand people will die from snakebites in this year only.

The main concern is the potential rise in the number of victims due to the absence of proper and reliable anti-venom treatment options. This shortage is truly disturbing.

An anti-venom treatment, known commonly known as Fav-Afrique, was quite popular among the natives of Sub-Saharan Africa. This treatment option is manufactured by Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company based in France.

Snake bites

But last year, the company ceased to produce this anti-venom and clinics soon started running out of stock.

As per reports, by June next year, most of these clinics will run out of anti-venom toxins, and that will surely lead to a surge in the total number of snake bite victims dying without proper treatment.

This report was released by an organisation known as Doctors Without Borders, or the MSF.

Reports also suggest that no further production can be expected before 2018. Dr Gabriel Alcoba, who is the snake bite specialist for MSF, suggested that these treatment options were vastly important.

He also suggested to save people from dying, companies must produce more anti-venom treatment options.

It has been seen that almost 90% of the total global snakebite cases are reported from Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia, which amounts to a total of almost 30000 deaths every year. Among this total number, almost 11000+ cases are reported from India only.