The small businesses were the most affected after Apple made the move to place a ban on the templated apps. Quite a significant number has already been struck out of the app store and the matters are being met with mixed reactions from business persons across the board.

The previously held Worldwide Developers Conference saw Apple unveil its updated App store guidelines which are going to be governing from now henceforth. It goes without saying that this is indeed one of Apple’s strategies targeted cleaning up its larger App Store. There has always been a burning need to face out the various spam apps as well as the low quality clone from the market place. The company seems to be making a major headway this time around despite the varying opinions among people following on its recent developments.

But the surprising part was that there were a number of app -building companies that had exuded much confidence outlining that they would remain unshaken by the latest changes. They are in utter shock since matters are turning out otherwise with most of them being adversely affected. January has been mentioned as the exact deadline and that implies any of the companies that will delay to make submissions will be closed out with immediate effect.

The App Store Review team is entrusted with a numbers of tasks, one of them being the approval or the rejection of the submitted apps. It won’t be any different in this particular case since they will be the one rejecting the apps submitted beyond the deadline. But it is also critical to outline that there is quite a number that managed to maintain their existing apps. The uncomfortable fact is that it still remains unknown as for how long they will be able to maintain them.

The CEO of AppMakr, App Store Review team opined, “I’m sure that Apple has some business rationale for doing this, but they have just disenfranchised an entire ecosystem and none of us can really understand why. There were much easier ways to fix their perceived problem.”