Following a week’s protests over the shooting of Alton Sterling by police officers a particular image of the arrest of a lonely woman has hit the Social Media. The black woman whose identity is not yet confirmed appears to be making a point to the police officers who in return are preparing to arrest her.

Apparently, the woman dressed in a flowing dress and who is standing in the middle of the street seems unmoved by attempts to capture her. With her arms crossed, she appears to be in a very serene. Nevertheless, the interaction between the police officers and the woman may have been peaceful according to its photographer Jonathan Bachman.

The image which has received so much attention has also been shared in many publications. BBC says that it that it should go into the “history and art books.” The woman who is supposed to be a mother of a 5-year-old son has since tweeted announcing of her release from prison.

A weekend characterized by turbulences

Tension, violence and confrontation marked protests across many cities to an extent of having over 120 protesters arrested. Among them was Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson, who was criticizing the Dallas killings which were referred to as a tragedy for the nation.

Other killings that have taken place within a week include those of Sterling and Castile by 25-year-old Afghanistan war veteran, Micah Xavier Johnson. Indeed, it is a sad state of affairs.

What next after the brutal killings arrests of protesters?

The national leaders must go back to the drawing board to calm the situation. Black activists have raised their voices calling for an end to violence. The group says that it is very unfortunate that the nation turned chaotic due to actions of one person.

The group further emphasizes that instead of escalating the issue with everyone turning again the other, it is a time that everyone took charge of their actions to create a better world.