It was yesterday that Apple conducted the grand opening of its second Brooklyn store, an occasion that saw the company unveil a wide array of its newest features. The changes are quite impressive beginning from the massive interior and exterior metal beams which are seen through the well-designed glass panes. They offer a perfect and elaborate view of the store inside.

Experts have spoken in relation to the matter outlining that what matters the most in any of the Apple stores is the interior design and the overall atmosphere brought forth by the trained personnel.

The new free floating dual sided shelving has been taking many by surprise considering that it isn’t in any way connected to a store wall as it always is the case with most of the Apple stores. The number two feature is the one lying under the display table which most of those that have seen it have termed quite a mystery.

The Apple Store in Brussels in 2015 is an outstanding showcasing of quite a massive power wire fixed under the table and it moves to a similar floor beneath. The power wire is missing out in the new Brooklyn store. There are only two ways that come to mind. First, it would be that the company has set up the power wire into one of the legs of the table or on the other hand it could be about Apple putting into use a first generation wireless charging mechanism.

It was the previous year that the phone company made a posting of a report titled “Patent Reveals a Wireless Charging System for Apple Store Product Tables and Home Desktops.”To this point uncertainty surrounds the matter on whether or not the medication was carried out for the Brooklyn store.

Apple hasn’t yet proceeded to publish its opening day photos despite the much anticipation by its close followers. Later this morning, the company is expected to publish all its traditional jumbo photos.

Yesterday there were quite a large number of people lined up in the store but it was not overly crowded as was reported by some sources. All the customers that made their way into the store on the opening day were given free T-shirts each.