Sensoria  is set to unveil a new  redesign of its app and web services just days after launching  smart socks that it says can help anyone improve their running technique. The redesigned app will come with new training plans as well as an improved version of Mara as the company continues to make inroads into fitness.

Redesigned App

Mara, the company’s artificial intelligent fitness trainer will no longer be restricted to workouts with the new update.  Thanks to the update, the fitness trainer will now be able to advice users on the appropriate time to exercise for maximum outcome.  Tracking of workout progress has also been enhanced according to CEO and co-founder, Davide Vigano.

“Sensoria’s new artificial intelligence powered app and dashboard measure real-time biomechanical data and help you understand yourself better, and in turn, improve. This system is designed for runners and converts data into actionable information so you can now put all that valuable wisdom to work for you,” said Mr. Vigano.

In a bid to get more people into using, the smart garment company says the app will provide free training plans for three months.

Sensoria Smart Socks and Workout Garments

The refurbished web services will also feature a virtual shoe closet that Sensoria says will provide a unified way of knowing what it takes to have an effective workout regimen.  This includes the ‘Smart Socks’  designed to help athletes understand performance based on running shoes as well as a database of more than 8,000 models of running shoes.

The web dishoard has also been gamified in a bid to give people a reason to engage in workouts with the promise of rewards after completion of each program. On finishing certain workout thresholds, users get shareable badges that can contribute to their overall fitness scores.

A redesign of the mobile app should go a long way in complementing newly released heart rate monitoring garments that the company says are crafted to aid in averting muscle fatigue.  The sports bra and T-shirt going for $100 are currently available for purchase on the company’s official site.