Scott Baio has fired back at his former Charles in Chargecostar Nicole Eggert saying that she was making false claims purporting that he took advantage of her tender age to behave inappropriately with her.

It was back on Saturday when Eggert is said to have tweeted another user of the platform directing her to contact @scottbaio to get to learn what had exactly transpired between Baio and her in his garage at his house and that was back in the day when she was a minor.

Eggert is widely known having starred in the 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge production where she took up the role of Jamie Powell. According to the plot, Jamie Powell was one of a number of children that were under the care of Baio.

She later on took to social media to make claims that the inappropriate behavior started way back when she was 14.But the tweet was deleted after sometime.

Baio isn’t taking the matter lying down and has in retaliation proceeded to term the claims 100% lies. It was in a matter of minutes from the moment Eggert outlined that the behavior started when she was 14 when Renee who happens to be the wife to Baio made her comments in relation to the issue. She called the celebrity a great pretended who was out to assault the character of her husband.

Baio stated that Nicole had been making up the claims and it was unfair and uncalled for. He revealed that the actress had some time back made claims that there was a sexual assault encounter which occurred after the shooting of Charles in Charge. He proceeded to unveil a copy of an episode made in 1990 and it is presumed that in this point in time Eggert was supposed to be 18.

The information from the two is contrasting sharply because Eggert recently said that she lost her virginity to Baio and that she remembers clearly she was still a minor. The struggle continues and whatever turns it takes is something that we have just to wait and see.