Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have leaked the missing details only ten days remaining before the unveiling day.

Initially the market was aware of some facts about the new design, the enlarged displays, enhanced cameras and the internal upgrades. Evans Blass commonly known as the world’s most famous hacker has provided new information which is likely to attract different opinions.

Rather unexciting colors

Samsung is set unveil the new Galaxy S8 and its larger version Galaxy S8 Plus in only three colors which are fairly unexciting. They include orchid grey, arctic silver and black sky. Some reports indicate that a purple one may also be in the list but Samsung have declined to confirm the reports.

Other colors to be implemented later

However Samsung have a history of unveiling new color varieties. The markets can expect the so common rose gold, red as well as green options of previous generations to be presented at some point. It is unfortunate though that the market has to wait.

The price tags

More leaked information disclosed that the pricing details which are packaged in a set of both good and bad news. Samsung may hike the asking price of the two devices over the 2016 models. Galaxy S8 is expected to sell at 799 Euros while Galaxy S8 plus will sell at 899 Euros. This marks a 100 Euro increase from the Galaxy S7 versions. The prices are inclusive of taxes.

Fair prices

The prices are rather fair compared to the previous leaks which indicated that they would be selling at over $1,000. The company is also delivering higher upgrades on the devices and there are speculations that the storage capacity inclusive of the microSD, has also been increased to 64GB from 32GB. This significantly justifies the pricing.

Expected launching date

Samsung will confirm these speculations in a matter of time. Hopefully by March, 29 and the retail release following later in April. However, the surprise package may be spoilt by the rumors of Apple upgrading the iPhone in this year.