Samsung seem to have been doing a lot lately to incur the wrath of its customers, more so those ones that are loyal. While the company recently decided to recall its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 worldwide and issue credits US, Customers in India are not so lucky. The many customers who pre-ordered the Note 7 before it was launched have still not yet been refunded their hard earned money.

Launch Full of Promises

Leading up to the launch, Customers in India were told that the phone was expected to be launched on September 2. In addition, customers were allowed to make either partial or full payments to receive the new gadget. The payment made depended on where the Phone was being bought from. In addition, special launch day offers as well as discount on Gear VR Headsets were also offered to the customers.

The launch day did not turn out as hoped for the loyal customers. On the day, customers were sent a message that the delivery of the Smartphones would be delayed. It was later during the day of September 2 that the company announced that at the root of the problem was the gadget’s faulty batteries. In a bid to smooth over customer frustrations, Samsun then made an announcement. That announcement was that customers would be given the Gear VR Headset for free due to the inconvenience caused.

Poor Communication

Irate customers in India have expressed utter dissatisfaction with the poor customer service being handed out to them. Among the poor customer service is the lack of communication to inform them of the developments.

One such customer is Asif Iqbal Shaik, who noted that ‘There hasn’t been any communication yet about the recall or returning the money.”

However there are some customers who confirmed recently receiving information that their orders have been cancelled and that a refund will be issued within a month.

The fallout from this fiasco will undoubtedly not only affect Samsung financially, but it will also affect the mindset of the loyal customers. The fact that there are already big refunds across the US, makes it unfair for customers in other countries such as India.