It was on Tuesday that the International Olympic Committee proceeded to kick out Russia out of the 2018 Winter Games. The News has hit Russia by surprise and it has proceeded to term it the greatest sports crisis since the Soviet era.

For many years Russia has stood out as a winter sports powerhouse and the new twist has send out rumors flying across the globe. It is one of the countries that are covered by snow in a large section of the year. The recent ban has pitted the desire by most of the Russians to cheer on their champion biathletes, skaters and hockey players. Several calls had been made for boycotting and that was in a bid to show to the whole world that there couldn’t be real Olympics without Russia.

Several Russian sporting officials and politicians have come out strongly to assert that Russia needed to avoid the Winter Games in South Korea. Another section has a held on to a different opinion outlining that it is supposed to a matter of competitors making the decision according to their will. What was left at the end of the day was an open door which would make it possible for athletes to compete as individuals.

The sports commentator on the Echo of Moscow radio station, Aleksei Durnovo, opined, “The question now is to participate using this status, or not. Some people think it’s humiliation to participate like this, others that we should, to allow the athletes an opportunity to compete.”

The president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov was recently in Switzerland where he gave apologies over the issue of violating the antidoping rules committed to the country.

Most of the Russian officials have come out to state that the issue wasn’t at all sanctioned by the government and neither was it systematic. The recent reports indicate on Tuesday Mr. Zhukov got suspended.

President Vladimir was a major part of the final decision but surprisingly he did not make his statement as soon as was expected. To him, it was disgraceful competing under anything else that wasn’t the Russian flag.