Russia’s Defense Ministry has made its latest statement outlining that it conducted tests of the ‘invincible’ missiles which earlier on President Vladimir Putin had stated could deliver a warhead at hypersonic speed which could bring the US defenses to its knees.

A person following on the latest developments but who wanted his identity kept anonymous stated, “A MiG-31 fighter crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a combat training launch of a hypersonic missile of the Kinzhal high-precision air missile system in the designated area. The hypersonic missile confirmed its technical operational performance and timing data of the Kinzhal missile system.”

The Russian Defense Ministry has moved ahead to unleash what it referred to as a footage of the Kinzhal launch. An outlook at the video brings to mind what many could describe as military jet carrying a missile and the rising tensions around the globe which are feared could lead to another world war are still showing up in different forms. Any small trigger has the potential to send fear across the globe. However, it is worth noting that some sections of the missile were blurred.

It is a weapon designed in such a way that it has the potential to eliminate targets at the sea and on the ground and still move ahead to hit the assigned target at a training ground. And this is according to the information that was recently unleashed by the ministry which went a step further to outline that the launch was normal.

One rather notable thing is the fact that the Russian military personnel has been trained in such a way that it is able to conduct the day and nighttime flights  using the destructive weapon and it is not selective of the weather conditions at any given point in time.

A person familiar with the matter said, “due to the high flight characteristics of the MiG-31 aircraft and advanced high-maneuverable hypersonic technology and the Kinzhal has no analogues in the world. It is a claim US officials have downplayed as ‘election rhetoric’ ahead of Russia’s presidential vote on March 18.”

Putin recently addressed the Russian Parliament where he outlined that the country had succeeded at developing a new, nuclear-capable cruise missile with ‘unlimited’ range which has the capacity to elude massive air defense systems. He delved deeper into the matter to disclose that they had developed an ‘invincible missile’ with the capacity to deliver a warhead at hypersonic speed.

The reality of the matter is the fact that Russia is one of the few countries around the globe that bear significant nuclear potential but most of the countries have been downplaying this particular fact.

James Mattis, who is the US Defense Secretary on Sunday, spoke to reporters and one thing that came out clearly from his talk was the fact that he was in a major way expressing skepticism at Russia’s claims of having developed such high-tech missiles. According to him, such technology was still many years away and he saw quite minimal in terms of the changes implemented in the Russian military capability. The thing about most of the systems is the fact that there is little truth about what Putin has been spreading and the official thinks Russia is still no cause for alarm.

He asserted that changing the military balance was not something that was easily achievable and thus it was important for Russia to review its statements before pouring them out to a world filled with smart minds. From the outlook, Russia is still years away from getting to where it is purporting to be at this point in time.