Recently, it has been disclosed that the new range of MacBook Pro’s to be released, will have vast hardware enhancements. These enhancements include the likes of the Intel Kaby Lake processor, as well as up to 32 Gigabyte RAM.

Apple is well-known for the countless rumors that constantly circle around the promise of new products and all the changes and benefits that the products bring. However, the information comes from known-Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who works for CGI Securities, making it more trustworthy.

More details about Apple’s plans regarding its technology for this year

Allegedly, according to information supplied from Kuo, it should be anticipated that Apple will be working on releasing a 12-Inch version of the MacBook during the second fiscal quarter. Furthermore, it was also disclosed that the company would be developing 13 and 15-inch MacBook’s during the early period in the third-quarter.

Finally, the 15-Inch MacBook, which would feature the enhancement upgrades, which was mentioned by Kuo, would be manufactured by the tech giant, during the final fiscal quarter of this coming year.

More details about the anticipated line-up for Apple products

The one evident fact is that Apple is working on making a desktop-classed MacBook Pro, out of the company’s 15-inch model. This, in turn, has raised speculation to whether or not the company will include it in its current line-up, or create the product, as part of a new series of new world laptops.

It is also anticipated, that through the use of the new processors, these devices will be a lot more power friendly, than that of previous MacBook models. Due to this, it is expected by various critics, that the overall shipments for apple, will continue to have a growth rate of an estimated 10 percent.

Despite vague approximations regarding release dates and broad descriptions of the various devices that the company may plan to release throughout this year. No further information has yet to be revealed regarding the price, specifications, nor the accurate release date for these devices.