Rodger Federer through hard work and dedication has succeeded to make a big name for himself. His networth at the moment stands at about $420 million and is said to be enjoying a fulfilling relationship with his wife Mirka Federer. The wife to this player was a former Tennis Association player and the two lovebirds are said to have met years ago at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The Australian Open final had kick-started on a rather terrible note for Roger Federer. After losing the fourth set the player appeared quite frustrated. Most of his fans were almost giving up on him since he was underperforming according to their set expectations.

The next 30 minutes witnessed a change in current and Cilic was spotted blinking. Federer started coming back to his level of play and it was a whirlwind that took away the breath of those who had attended the sporting activity. The game came to an end and Federer was announced the winner. It was a moment of celebration for him and tears were seen streaming down his cheeks.

In giving his speech of victory, he credited his wife Mirka revealing that she was the one that kept him motivated all along. He also said that he wanted to remain a hero in the eyes of his kids. He added that beating Marin Cilic was no joke since he was a worthy competitor. According to him, there was to be a winner by the end of it all and he was glad that his fans had supported him a huge deal to the point of clinching his 20th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open on Sunday.

A number of news reporters moved out to get him to reveal what the matter was at the start of the game. He told them that his mind was at the moment all over the place and he found it difficult to concentrate. He said that upon focusing he was able to get back to his normal play mode.

He opined, “Sometimes you don’t know why the match is going on your side, but for sure it’s a lot about confidence. I have a lot of experience winning matches like that, but it is terrible to drop 1 or 2 percent because otherwise it’s gone.”