Retired Pope Benedict XVI has outlined that he is journeying towards God. For a record period of about 600 years he turned out to be the fisrt pope to give his resignation letter.

He said, “I am touched to know how many of the readers of your newspaper want to know how I am experiencing this last period of my life. In that regard, I can only say that, with the slow diminishing of my physical strength, inwardly I am on a pilgrimage toward Home.”

The retired Catholic top official is 90 years old at the moment and he is growing frail by the day. In numerous instances he has been heard saying that grace surrounds him in the tiring stages of his journey. He has been thanking God endlessly for the kindness and love he has been receiving which according to him is unimaginable.

A journalist called Massimo Franco revealed that the letter by the retired pope was delivered by hand.

It was back in 2013 when Pope Benedict was part of a meeting that witnessed the attendance of a huge number of cardinals. He spoke to them outlining that he had been paying a closer attention to his conscience before God. The one thing that kept occurring to him was that his strength was ‘leaving’ him due to his advanced age. He winded up by saying that he was no longer suited for the Petrine ministry and it is worth noting that he made these remarks in Latin.

He had moved ahead to set the exact date for his retirement and that was specifically on Feb. 28, 2013.It was reported that quiet a significant number of the Vatican employees wept even when has he was flown away by a helicopter to the papal villa at Castel Gandolfo. He stayed there for quite some time only to leave after the election of Pope Francis.

The pope during his reign spoke to about 150,000 people telling them that his pontificate was a mix of great joy and difficult times. He said that through the trying times he remained to be his personal guide.