Presidential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have responded to the Orlando shooting that took place on Sunday and their thoughts on the matter are a demonstration of their contrasting political views.

The views of the two presidential aspirants touched on prejudice against Muslims since the attacker was identified to be a practicing the religion. Clinton stated that terrorist attacks such as the Orlando mass shooting should not be a reason for demonizing the Muslim religion which is practiced by more than 1.6 billion people in the world. Her argument pointed to the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists. Clinton posted her tribute on Facebook on Monday to those who lost their lives in the shooting which took place earlier this week.

Trump’s message was rather different and also expectedly outrageous due to his proposal for an anti-Muslim border policy. The Republican nominee stated that Americans that fail to report suspicious activities from their Muslim neighbors and friends should be arrested. Clinton expressed her views on weapons by stating that there should be stringent measures for gun control, highlighting the increased shootings in numerous states.

The Democratic aspirant also talked about the need to end discrimination and hate against lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens in the US. She comforted the LGBT communities that live in Florida and other parts of the country who were grieving the loss of their loved ones. Clinton’s tribute also stated that the LGBT have millions of people who have their best interests at heart. Her statement also pointed out that unity is the best tool against haters and terrorists.

Trump mainly talked about the members of the Muslim religious groups and he highlighted some issues such as the large amount of money that the US has invested to help the Middle East rebuild, and those efforts did not yield. He also pointed out that the Muslim couple responsible for the San Bernardino shooting had American citizens that did not report them despite their suspicious character. The statements made by the Republican nominee thus pointed to his unchanging stance regarding the immigrant issue.