Several rescue crews were on Monday deployed to help tame the China oil tanker fire and it is worrying that to this point in time the crew members are still missing. Reports indicate that the crew comprised of 32 persons and the U.S. Navy has been doing all within its means to find them despite a series of challenges along the way.

A person familiar with the matter disclosed that on Saturday the tanker had hit the freight ship in the East China Sea and that had raised a lot of concern. Until this point the experts haven’t yet establishment the extent of the environmental harm and size of the oil spill from the ship but they agree on the point that the harm was by far more severe than any other that has ever happened since 1991.That was the year when there occurred a leak that led to the loss of about 260,000 tons of oil at the Angolan coast.

The military aircraft send out by the U.S. Navy to assist with the search is said to have traversed an area of about 3,600 square nautical miles (12,350 sq kms) but the sad bit was the reports it gave. It asserted that in the entire search it was unable to locate even a single crew member.

Iran’s top oil shipping operator is the one that operates the Sanchi tanker (IMO:9356608) which reportedly collided with CF Crystal (IMO:9497050) and that was at about near the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta and at about 160 nautical miles off China’s coast near Shanghai and that was on the Saturday evening.

Chinese state media CCTV was among the earliest to move ahead and give the footage of the unfortunate incidence and it did that on Monday.

One of the officials working with the U.S Navy opined, “The Panama-registered tanker was sailing from Iran to South Korea, carrying 136,000 tonnes of condensate, ultra light crude. That is equivalent to just under 1 million barrels, worth about $60 million, based on global crude oil prices.”