It is President Vladimir Putin again and those uncomfortable with the win he garnered on Sunday will have to conform. It was a clear win since the margin between him and the second candidate was quite wide. There has been an ongoing confrontation between the Russian leader and the West and his win is being viewed differently by the concerned parties.

Mr. Putin has been at the helm of power for about 18 years and things are on the up for him again since he will be serving at the top office for another new six year term. The editor-in-chief of pro-Kremlin network RT, Margarita Simonyan in his writing outlined that it had gotten to a point where Putin had surpassed being just a president to become the country’s Vozhd which happens to be a word that was at some point in history used by the Soviets to refer to Stalin.

The designation of the constitution of Russia is such that it bars Putin from running again in 2024.However, for a number of months now there have been speculations moving around Putin might resolve to alter the constitution in a way that would favor him. He might want to run again and that is definitely the easiest way to maneuver.

There is also the other chance that he might be resorting to the creation of a new office that would see him turned into a supreme national leader like Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore or ayatollah in Iran.

Much might be said in line with what takes place in the future. However, the truth of the matter is that the future is not for us to tell. We just have to wait and see the turn of events.

One point worth noting is the fact that the escalating talk regarding a Putin lifetime presidency is pulling along with quite an increasing dire rhetoric in line with a confrontation purported to exist between Russia and the West.

There has been much talk in the air revolving around the unfortunate incident that saw former Russian spy Sergei Skripal loose his life in London as a result of poisoning. Could the West be out to bring down Russia by all means? The Olympic doping has also been categorized as part of those signals pointing to the ongoing confrontations.

The election interference that took place in the U.S had all fingers pointing at Russia. The speculations moving around were that the country had influenced the election in such a way that it ended up affecting the overall outcome.

A long the same line a number of companies such as Twitter and Facebook were being accused of cooperating with Russia towards influencing the outcome of the election. Russia was not happy about the fact that all fingers had been pointing at it and it went ahead to release a statement outlining that it did not have a hand in it and people needed to guard the country’s reputation.

These companies decided to conduct investigations into the matter and the passage of time has witnessed them change quite much. For instance, all of them have moved ahead to change some of their regulations to ensure that their platforms were not being abused by personas with ulterior motives.

All in all Putin is on the top seat and the whole world is at the edge waiting to see what the win spells out for the country and the world as a whole especially at this point in time when the animosity and threats are at their peak.

One outstanding thing about Russia is the fact that whenever they go through difficult times they converge and try to solve their issues together and amicably. That is something ten West needs to understand.