Rep. Tim Murphy, a well-known anti-abortion lawmaker is purported to have advised the woman he had an extra-marital affair with to get an abortion, as suggested by the text message collected by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazatte. Murphy publicly accepted to have had the affair with the woman, Shannon Edwards, who has since accused him of hypocrisy following an anti-abortion message posted to his Facebook account.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the text showed Murphy’s cell phone number and that they have a number of other documents including the emails, phone records and court documents to proof the case. Murphy, a member of the House Pro-Life Caucus, is receiving support from the Family Research Council and has also been sanctioned by the pro-life political action committee LifePAC. Murphy’s office refused to comment on the matter.

Murphy has preached his anti-abortion sermons for many years, and he is currently the co-sponsor on a bill that was approved last week to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks. According to Mary Lou Gartner, the Secretary at LifePac, the group had already endorsed Murphy whom they believed was an honourable and worthy person and hence they are not ready to throw stones at him unless they get sufficient evidence on the matter.

Gartner stated that the group would consider the report about Murphy in the upcoming elections and would take action where necessary. The family Research Council didn’t respond immediately to the CNN’s requests. Murphy owns a 100% anti-abortion voting record with the Council.

In addition to the text message from Ms. Edwards, there is also a six-page memo written by Murphy’s chief of staff, Susan Mosychuk, which depicts a hostile working environment where Murphy is alleged to have degraded his workers and intimidated them. However, when reached for comment, Ms. Mosychuk was deliberately not available.

According to the June 8 memo which was titled ‘Office Conduct and behaviour: Harassment/Legal Compliance’ reveals that there had been an ongoing pattern of inappropriate behaviour from the lawmaker. Furthermore, the memo highlighted another instance where the congressman was glued on his iPad and played loud videos when driving.