Priti Patel, Britain’s international development secretary on Wednesday resigned over secret meetings she held in Israel. Patel’s resignation is the second in a week’s time considering that another cabinet Minister had quit earlier.

The resignation is a major setback to Prime Minister Theresa May. This is also happening at a moment when the country is departing from the European Union and a number of serious decisions have to be made. Ms. Patel after holding discussions with a number of the Israeli officials during a summer vacation did not proceed to disclose some important details to Prime Minister.

Mrs. May’s grip on power seems shaky despite her tremendous efforts. The latest political turmoil is expected to make the situation even worse for the leader. The tense discussions on abandoning the European Union are resulting in a lot of speculation with a number of top government officials questioning the pull-out.

The resignation also comes after a series of sleaze and sexual harassment allegations deemed to have taken place in Parliament. It was an instance that led to Defense Secretary Michael Fallon quitting his position and yet another is threatening to do the same.

Ms. Patel has been facing a litany of accusations over quite some time and her flight from Kenya is said to have been monitored by quite a large number of people online. In fact, on Twitter users proceeded to create a hashtag #Prexit —which was in reference to her support for Brexit.

Exactly at the time the plane hit ground at the Heathrow Airport, quite a large number of the television cameras were on hand monitoring Ms. Patel’s arrival. They also captured her walk to a waiting official ministerial limousine that moved her 10 Downing Street where she met Mrs. May.

It was after a few hours that Ms. Patel proceeded to issue out a letter which indicated her acceptance of the fact that her actions fell below the top standards that were expected of a secretary of state.

The government spokesperson said, “The Cabinet Office is investigating claims made against two more of Mrs. May’s ministers, including Damian Green, a close ally and friend, and effectively Mrs. May’s deputy.”