Kirstjen Nielsen will be heading the Department of Homeland Security. President Trump made the announcement on Wednesday expressing his satisfaction in the official’s capabilities.

Trump in his speech heavily cited Ms. Nielsen’s extensive professional experience. She has been a top performer in matters related to security policy, cybersecurity and emergency management. People familiar with the matter see her as the perfect fit for the position. The company will be counting a great deal on her experience and expertise.

A lot of people following on the matter are looking forward to see her confirmed. If all moves according to plan, she will be taking up the position eventually replacing John F. Kelly who has been serving as the White House chief of staff.

The big question is on whether or not he will succeed at sparking about order in the West Wing which is at the moment plagued by infighting and disorganization.

Anyone that has had the opportunity to work closely with Ms. Nielsen will agree to the fact that she has always been a no-nonsense player in everything that she does. On Wednesday, a number of senior officials complained that her departure was going to leave behind a void that would have been pretty difficult to fill.

Mr. Kelly is one of the top officials who have been advocating for her selection for quite some time. That might have contributed to Trump thinking about her highly. She wasn’t the only candidate under consideration.

For instance, Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee was also among those that were being considered for the position. From the look of things, the opportunity seems to have eluded him. Most of her colleagues are in total alignment with the fact that she is indeed well qualified for the new position.

Michael Allen, a colleague that worked with her in the Bush administration opined, “She’s a total homeland security expert — absolutely has no learning curve. She’s an experienced manager, she’s an implementer, she knows how to get under the hood and figure out what needs to be connected to what.”