President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his strong disagreement with the planned move to position a significant number of the Kurdish militia fighters along the southern border of Turkey. It was on Monday when he lashed out vowing to ‘drown’ the force as he asserted that the U.S needed to respect Turkey.

A person familiar with the matter said, “The allied military headquarters in Baghdad that is leading the fight against the Islamic State in Syria. It has already started recruiting and retraining members of a Syrian Kurdish and Arab militia to protect the borders of territory captured by the group.”

Scaling back the military assistance to the Kurds is one of the latest moves by the Trump administration and in numerous instances it has exuded much confidence in it. The proposed border force tells quite much regarding the way in which the Pentagon intends to move about indicating its support to the Kurdish proxies and that is in the long-term in Syria.

Through an email, the headquarters disclosed that in several years the new border force could end up expanding to over 30,000 members. One of the American commanders has said that to them the Kurdish fighters happen to be the most capable of the S.D.F. On the other hand, Turkey sees the Syrian Kurds as terrorists that must be stopped with immediate effect.

The new plan could end up escalating tensions between Turkey and the United States. The U.S has proceeded to make an acknowledgement of the fact that it was the one behind the establishment of the terror army set up along the border. Mr. Erdogan tweeted disclosing that as a government they were going to mobilize resources and efforts as well towards ensuring that the terror group was nipped in the bud.

The Turkish president’s comments is a weighty matter considering that in numerous instances he has been spotted making threats in line with launching attacks on the Kurdish fighters.

Reports indicate that Turkey had earlier on been consulted in line with the establishment of the so-called ‘Syrian Border Security Force,’ a matter that is causing a lot of confusion among many following on the latest developments.