The national polls are showing a 2-digit gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This has been attributed to political mistakes that Trump has been consistently making the past two or so weeks. After the two conventions, Hillary has been on the upper hand gaining in some of the states that have predominantly voted for the republicans the past elections. The polls of polls (an average of 6-polls) conducted by CNN indicate that Clinton has an average of 49% against trumps 39%. This is irrespective of whether third party candidates Jill Stein Gary and Johnson re included into the average rating of the polls.

This is an increase of support to Clinton’s candidacy compared to the polls that were taken before the conventions. It is imperative to note that there were only but a few polls after the conventions. Nevertheless, those undertaken showed Trump in a single digit lead against the democratic candidate, Clinton. Presently, polls indicate that the minorities are going up for Clinton and a 23% lead by women has re-energized her campaigns.

Voters Have Had Time To Change Their Mind

The conventions held in July gave voters more than enough time to change their mind before the elections. History shows that this were some of the earliest since the year 1960, unlike the previous ones that only gave voters little time to rethink their plan.

Susan Collins Denounces Trump Candidacy

Susan Collins, one of the most respected members of republicans, a senator, has said that she will not vote Trump because she believes he cannot be trusted with the office. She said that Trumps controversial remarks are quite mean and cannot be trusted with nuclear-codes whatsoever. This comes in the wake of increasing pressure from democrats, who have state that Trump is quite unstable and his reasoning is flawed. Trumps comments on a disabled reporter, being rude to Megyn Kelly Judge of American-Mexican origin, and responding to an attack made by Gold-star parents only made matters worse.

It is now proven that Trump is either not well versed with facts, or consistently conjures up lies for political mileage. However, his blatant lies have worked against him and whether he wins or not he goes into history as one of the presidential candidates who told lies without blinking an eye lid. His fabrication of lies is astronomical and now, it is like impossible to bash Clinton on the basis of trustworthiness.