A shooting incident in Falcon Heights has left one man dead with police officer involved claiming innocence. The   investigations are still in progress, and no official report has been given yet by authorities in charge. Mr. Philando Castile, 32, a cafeteria supervisor at the J.J. Hill Montessori School, St. Paul, was shot dead in a traffic incident Wednesday night. The excerpts of a video showing what transpired at scene went viral on Facebook garnering at least 1 million views before it was eventually pulled down, and then restored with a graphic image message.

Nobody injured near Minneapolis, except Mr. Castile

The interim chief at the St Antony police sgt. Jon Mangseth said reports he received only one person involved in the incident was injured and finally succumbed after arrival at the hospital.  Mr. Castile died in Hennepin County-Medical Center at 9.37 as posted by his cousin on Facebook page. In the car were two other passengers; his girlfriend Lavish Reynolds a.k.a Diamond Reynolds and 4-year old daughter.

In a statement St. Anthony police department said that shot were fired during the 9.00pm traffic stop. However, they were unclear as to who shot but indicated that a handgun was recovered at the scene. Reports also indicate that Reynolds was in police custody the very Wednesday night for reasons that were still unclear, too.

Reynolds’ Facebook video

Had the finer details of what really transpired at the scene where Mr. Castile was shot. In the video she can be heard telling her boyfriend to pull over as they had been stopped because of a busted tail light. She’s heard telling Castile to stay with her, before officers arrive and one of them asks for a driving license and registration. The video also shows Castile bloody body in white shirt after shots fired. Reynolds voice is heard worriedly asking the officer why he took the shots when he had already asked for the driving license; and even after Castile had told him said t he own a registered gun. The officer retorts by saying that he asked him not to reach for it and his screaming voice is also warning Reynolds to get out of the car with her hands held high up. In this video, the girlfriend says that he had been shot by Roseville police officer.

Valerie Castile the 60, Philando’s mother was at the hospital, too, where her only son had succumbed to bullet injuries. She said that her son had lived by the law and had actually died by the law. An uncle, Clarence Castile, said that his nephew had been killed for no wrong doing. His main problem was that he was a black boy who happened to be driving in Falcon Heights.

This incident comes barely two days in an incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where white police officers were involved in ruthless shooting of a black man.