A celebrity media had reported on Thursday that Jennifer Aniston gets hitched with longtime partner Justin Theroux at their LA home in a secret observance. The news came as a surprise to everyone present at the bash.

According to the People Magazine, the ceremony displayed around 70 friends and family members at the occasion hosted in their Bel-Air residence on Wednesday. The couple had been reportedly dating for over four years now.

Since no guests were available for comments, TMZ shared some images of the house posing with a stage.

And also on a dance floor in the garden with tables and a huge cake being entering the household of the hilltop LA home.

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The occasion initially marked the birthday of Justin, but it later opened the wraps for a wedding vow to surprise the guests. Only a few knew about Jennifer’s secret wedding, and it turned out to be a surprising one for many.

Jen, who is 46 now, got married to Brad Pitt before, and their marriage ended after a ten years stint. Later she met Justin on a movie set, and the couple started going on from there.

She then announced their engagement dates in 2012.

The ceremony happened to be a star-studded one with the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, Howard Stern and Emily Blunt.

Jennifer had made a mark in movies demanding rom-coms and had made her mark with films like Marley & Me and the Bounty Hunter.

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After the end of the FRIENDS tv series, she started doing movies to earn a career of her own.

After her break-up with Pitt, she was doing rounds over John Mayer and Vince Vaughn but they were not to stay.

Pitt got into a relationship with Angelina Jolie, and the two again got married secretly at France in 2014