Pepsi has reportedly stated that they would not be using aspartame as a sweetener anymore. A mix of sucralose would replace it.

Amongst all the variants, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi would also ensure the usage of sucralose.

Against all the complaints that had been received regarding aspartame, Pepsi has taken up this action to introduce sucralose in their products.

This change was reported amidst a drop in sales regarding the drinks products.

Aspartame is known as an artificial flavour that is found in blue packets and are most likely branded as Equal and NutraSweet.

Whereas, Sucralose is also intended to be of an artificial sweetening agent. Sucralose came in yellow packets and had been branded by the name Splenda.

Carey, CEO of Pepsi North America, had also stated that the drinking giant is going through a rough period regarding the sales.

Pepsi to use sweetener sucralose instead of Aspartame

He also provided information about the complaints revived for using aspartame at the Press as well as on YouTube too.

Pepsi had beforehand introduced their artificial sweetener that was produced from a plant based agent called the Stevia.

From around 1970, the artificial sweeteners had been in the bad books due to cancer-producing ailment tested on lab rats. But, there had been no such reports over humans and ensured no health risks.

Elisa Baker, a spokesperson from Pepsi, had not stated anything about the Aspartame’s change. But she prompted that Diet Pepsi would be sold the same in different countries keeping in the old recipe same.

Diet Drinks had been facing a lot of sales issues recently regarding a high usage of non-carbonated drinks.

This new Pepsi product with a changed mixture would be available during last week of August, but the old products would still be circulated before the time comes.