It was sometime back when the Defense Department proceeded to pronounce Taiwan as part of mainland China in its Nuclear Posture Review. It is currently being faced with immense pressure to issue a correction to the move and it is seemingly showing cooperation.

It was on Saturday when the Japan Times posed a question seeking to strike a better understanding regarding the reason as to why the Islands of Taiwan had been colored in with the Chinese flag in some sections of the Nuclear Posture Review. The Pentagon was remorseful and it was quick to admit that it had indeed committed a monumental mistake. It promised to take down the report for a number of hours which it did.

Pentagon spokesperson in a recent interview disclosed that there was an error printed in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review and they were going to take full responsibility. He cleared up the air surrounding the matter since he did not want speculations arising regarding Pentagon’s stand in line with international politics. He asserted that they admitted the error occurred but it did not in any form or manner illustrate a shift in the U.S. foreign policy.

He opined, “U.S. policy toward Taiwan has remained consistent throughout seven presidential administrations, and is based on the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, the three joint U.S.-China communiques, and the Six Assurances. As part of its “one-China” policy, the U.S. cut all official ties with Taiwan in 1979.”

One notable thing is the fact that over the years Beijing has been considering Taiwan to be a “wayward province” and has in that particular regard proceeded to issue out a warning. It says that it might be compelled to use military action in its quest to curtail the island’s independence movement.

It has also been rather evident Washington has remained committed to maintaining friendly, nonofficial relations with Taipei and there were even rumors sometime back that it had sold Taiwan military-grade weaponry.

The hiccup experienced on Saturday pulls in amid escalating tensions between Taiwan and the mainland.