The Pegasus Airlines flight accident near the Black Sea is a matter that has left many devastated, especially those that were onboard. There were 168 passengers onboard but the good news is that not a single life was lost.

Fatma Gordu, one of the persons onboard said, “Just after the flight from Ankara landed at the Black Sea city of Trabzon there was a loud noise. We tilted on the side and the front of the plane went down and the back of went up. There was a huge panic, people were shouting.”

The plane eventually came to a halt in thick mud and the passengers moved out smelling fuel. Gordu said that they expected the next thing would be a huge fire and that scared them much considering that there were even pregnant women as well as children onboard. It was on a Saturday night that videos started circulating on social media showing fire crews pumping water over the plane.

Yuksel Gordu, another passenger said that to it was nothing short of a miracle that they had survived. There were a lot of chances in line with the incident- they could have burned, they could have gone in the sea or they could have exploded.

Trabzon governor Yucel Yavuz whuile speaking to a number of news reporters disclosed that all the passengers were safely rescued. Some of them decided to go to the hospital simply as a precautionary measure but the doctors later confirmed that they were doing well since no damage was caused.

Pegasus Airlines has spoken in relation to the matter saying that it regretted the incidence, but it was a good thing that all the 162 passengers, four cabin crew and two pilots came out unhurt.

It has already launched investigation into the matter in a bid to find out the exact cause of the accident. It will be looking forward to making the necessary changes to ensure that such cases are kept at a minimum.

An official working with the company said that they wished all those onboard quick psychological recovery.