The call by Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to ban the entry of Muslims in the United States is unconstitutional according to the US Congress. Besides, it is likely to affect the American interests across board, hence many people have expressed their condemnation of the same.

Bernie Sanders was also quick to express his disappointment on Trump’s plan citing that it could bring division while at the same time bring on board diversion of attention from the real issues. Sanders says that it is just a few months ago when the American had been pushed to the wall to hate Mexicans and view them as criminals and rapists.

But Trump who has maintained his lead in the early judgment of surveys stated that he has no regrets over his remarks. He has sustained his proposal of prohibiting immigrants and visitors alike until the country’s representative can establish what exactly warranted last month’s attacks by Muslim radicals in Paris. In an interview with ABC, Trump sais “”It’s short-term. Let our country get its act together.”

Nevertheless, all these statements by the presidential candidate have continued to receive negative criticism from different quarters the likes of Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is also a GOP presidential contender. In an interview with CNN, Graham says that Trump is exposing the country’s soldiers and diplomats, which in return is endowing the enemy. It is a way of helping vicious rebels gain power.

And from the White House, Press Secretary, Josh Earnest has referred to Trump as a “carnival barker” citing that what he stated is already disqualifying him.

But from the look of things, Trump is not relenting. He is not moved by the rejection or criticism. Trump said that the ban would be temporary and would not be applicable to United States citizens. His argument is that those that are opposing his proposal are just trying to boost their campaigns while at the same time seeking publicity for themselves. He further states that people in his party fully understand the need for the ban and he is confident that they will support him all the way.

Addressing the Muslims Americans, Clinton has said that Trump’s statements are inconsistent with the nation’s values.