The life of Hugh Hefner who happens to be the playboy founder will be remembered for a long time to come. This cultural pioneer lost his life on Wednesday at his Los Angeles home. He had in 2014 elaborately reflected on his entire journey as an activist, a publisher and an admirer of women.

Hefner is one of the most famous people around the globe. His house is also famous in equal measure. He will be remembered for organizing the most famous parties attended by famous persons. His house was built in the 1950s.

There is a lot of misleading information out there about Hugh Marston Hefner. It is time you turned a blind eye to whatever you might have seen on television. Have you ever listened to an elaborate story about him? Forget that as well. After getting the real story, you will most probably run into the conclusion that all you have ever heard was quite wrong.

He is a special man and it is even at times difficult for reporters to be given more than an hour to interview him. However, one reporter was lucky to get more than a one hour interview with him.

This reporter did not understand why he had chosen to make himself uniquely available to him. He reorganized his schedule and that gave him room to see the person on short notice. He was open to answering all the questions tabled before him.

This reporter took his time to delve into the celebrity’s past. He was met by a condition from Hef who asked him to differentiate himself from his colleagues. He seemed to harbor fears and that was because in the past there had been reporters who came to him with a preconceived agenda.

He opined, “Most reporters come to me with a preconceived agenda. They end up with a story that’s very superficial, without much insight to the man inside.”

The reporter came to the conclusion that Hefner was more interesting, contrary to what a lot of people thought. He was fragile, romantic and a man that gave his life for a cause.