OurMine is a popular Saudi Arabian Security hacker group and for a number of years it has engaged in the exercise of hacking the various celebrity accounts globally. Their drive has been to advertise their wide array of security services. In the past they’ve hacked the Twitter accounts of Pokemon Go creator John Hanke, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

It is suspected that there might be a security breach at PlayStation today. A message posted today by the official PlayStation Twitter account outlined that a hacking group named OurMine had indeed taken it over. NeoGAF had proceeded to capture back the tweets shortly after they were eliminated. One of the tweets pointed to a possible compromising of the PlayStation Network database.

Ask PlayStation, which happens to be the official PlayStation support Twitter account was today responding to messages in its usual way. But things were a little bit different for Sony which failed to respond to the reported Twitter takeover .The PlayStation Network suffered a massive cyberattack in 2011 that paralyzed service over an extended period of time. A United States Congressional subcommittee has launched inquiries into the attack which reportedly compromised about 70 million accounts.

It is a matter of great concern that the hackers have the PSN database. However, it is critical to point to the fact that the group falls in the category of the ethical hacking groups. Contrary to the various groups that use information for harm, these sort of “white hat” groups attempt to enhance security by exposing holes. All the information should be intact unless they have changed their modus operandi.

To this particular moment, no single report has yet come out to the limelight to indicate that the data of any customers has been breached or interfered with. However, experts have come forward to state that caution needs to be exercised by all means possible. One of the easiest but effective ways would be to change a user password on the service or anywhere else that you might have used the same password.