According to the authorities, an Oklahoma fugitive accused of killing two kinsmen and shooting three police officers was gunned down in a shootout with the US marshals. Michael Dale Vance Jr. has been on the run since October 23 and had managed to evade several police traps before his eventual gun down in Dewey County, Oklahoma. For the one-week duration of his rampage, Dale kept posting Facebook videos bragging of his kill, shooting of the police and stealing cars as well as showing off the AK 47 gun he had in possession.

Criminal history                                   

Just recently, Dale was charged with child sex abuse and transmission of a communicable disease. Though the authorities won’t disclose the nature of the disease, they mentioned the illness is transmitted through blood, and that Dale would be on a disease-spreading spree. In one of his Facebook posts, Dale mentioned that “everything that was said… was all a setup.”

How did it start?

Dale’s killing spree began when he shot and wounded two police officers responding to a distress call in Lincoln County. According to a resident, Dale was “shooting at everybody” but fled immediately with a stolen police patrol car and injuring the two officers. On the same evening, Dale shot a woman Lincoln town and stole her car before proceeding to his uncle’s home in Luther, Northeastern Oklahoma.

At the residence, police found Dale’s uncle and Aunt, Robert and Kay Wilson dead. They both had stab wounds, but Wilson also had gunshot wounds. Preliminary investigations state that Dale must have tried to dismember his aunt and behead her husband based on the stab wounds. Though other another of his uncles wouldn’t explain the motive behind it all, he said that Dale was a threat to the peace of Oklahoma if not apprehended.

The Lincoln Town woman and the two police officers as well as Sander, Dewey County sheriff, continue to recuperate at the hospital. Nonetheless, with Dale’s shooting, Oklahoma sighs with relief. However, just like the sorrowful actions he left behind, the question as to why Dale would result to violence to prove his innocence is a myth that will linger on for some time.