“We operate based on concrete decisions that are made,” he reiterated.

Discussing Accusations Against Clinton

Obama has elaborated that while previous investigations of the FBI have established Clinton’s mistakes, the findings are not enough to put her under prosecution. He noted that Clinton has always been in the light of political scrutiny, which is why even her honest mistakes easily become big of deal.

Obama’s comments come immediately after Comey had informed the Congress that more emails are potentially pertinent to the recently closed investigation.

Similarly, Democrats have criticized Comey for issuing statements regarding a confidential investigation, which is against the policies of the US Department of Justice.

Reopened Investigation

Generally, the FBI is trying to establish the accusation that Clinton and/or her aides intentionally mishandled classified information through her private email server. Clinton and/or her aides will only be subject to prosecution once such claim has been backed by sufficient evidence.

When the investigation was shut down earlier this year, Comey has noted that there is no proof of intentional classified information mishandling on Clinton’s end.

Upon reopening the probe on the said private email server, the FBI has interviewed various individuals pertinent to the case again. Some people are even being interviewed for the third time as the FBI is aggressively following the probe. Spearheading the ongoing investigation is the White Collar Crime unit of the FBI.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the FBI is receiving more interesting information relevant to the investigation each day. The FBI is also reviewing previous documents and statements to check whether everything pertinent to the case lines up accordingly.

On the other hand, Comey has not yet released an update regarding the ongoing investigation since last week. Nonetheless, any findings or commentaries from the FBI will be crucial in the upcoming presidential election.

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