North Korea announced recently that it’s backing off its winter military exercises as a signal amid President Donald Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ to force Kim Jong Un to consider tabling a negotiation. North Korea military drills were supposed to run from December to March 2018 but started at a later date, US official told Wall Street Journal.

The slowdown in the military exercises could be due to the increased global fuel prices or the lawful political will on the side of North Korea to cool down the recent tension. According to Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of the US’s forces in South Korea, there are ongoing defections in areas that not visible including the DMZ.

Brooks stated that there is an increase in executions especially against the political people who work in the military units due to various reasons including corruption. The executions are basically to crack down on the continuing deterioration.

North Korea has been under pressure from the UN sanctions for decades and with the Trump’s administration most of the resolutions have taken a new angle in their enforcement. For instance, the US government has managed to get a few African nations to completely stop trading with or funding North Korea including Egypt, Sudan, and Angola.

Trump has increasingly put pressure on the countries that trade with North Korea. Last year, Trump imposed a tough trade policy on China accusing it for being responsible for the majority of that trade with North Korea.

President Kim Jong Un has tested three missiles that are expected to hit US. The North Korean leader is determined to launch nuclear attack against major US cities including Eashington DC. Kim’s military tested the nuclear weapon and revealed that it’s about seven times stronger than the missile that fell on Hiroshima in 1945.

About 20 nations have restricted all the diplomatic activities in North Korea and have expelled its diplomats from the country.