Nokia and Zeiss are coming together again as partners to produce a premium Smartphone camera that has distinctive features. The two brands had once partnered to develop a 41-megapixex Smartphone camera. The latest move would create a product that has a stellar camera as its headline feature.

The partnership agreement was made public on July 6 by the HND Global, which owns Nokia, that highlighted how the two companies would work together to enhance the features of the cameras for the incoming Nokia phones.

However, the firms didn’t disclose when the users will likely get to see the new product on the market. Nevertheless, the news brought assurance among the end users that soon they will have a Smartphone with a camera that has Zeiss outstanding features.

The firms will team up on all facets of the camera including the lenses, software, sensors, and other features that make up the camera. In the previous years, Nokia used to have the most excellent cameras on its Smartphone and this was due to their partnership agreement they had with Zeiss, a leading company in the Imaging hardware industry. For instance, there was a PureView camera on the Lumia 1020 and others.

It is not yet clear how long the agreement will last but according to Pekka Rantala, a chief marketing officer with Nokia, the deal is a long term and that the agreement is lucrative in the long run. Many customers who are in love with Lumia phones are elated by the great and awesome news.

They will soon experience the new features that they have missed on the Nokia phone that uses Android. The new feature would be made available as soon as possible. The two companies have also worked together in the past in creating the powerful Nokia N series which preceded the latest Lumia Smartphone line.

There are some innovative changes in the Lumia series with some advanced technological features. Among the unique exemplary features of the incoming camera is the dual camera that could avail more avenues for the users to discover new experiences.