Several New Zealanders recently decided to construct a sand island in coastal waters but the intriguing aspect was the motive behind that. It was a move targeted at evading the ban placed on drinking in public places. It was on a Sunday afternoon that the group set up the structure at low tide in the Tairua estuary on the Coromandel peninsula according to the most recent reports. They went further to install an ice box for drinks as well as a picnic table. The group proceeded to drink into the night and that was on New Year’s Eve. They were spotted staring at the fireworks and even on Monday they were still moving ahead with the construction.

The New year period is a tough time to those fond of public drinking since the ban is on full force. Anyone that will be in violation of the ban will be facing a fine of $250 or might end up being arrested. But the strange aspect is the fact that the authorities were apparently taking the initiative in a rather light hearted spirit.

Police commander Inspector John Kelly after learning about the matter termed the move a remarkable sort of creative thinking. David Saunders posted several images in a local Facebook group. He said that it was an amazing experience for him to set his eyes on several kiwis that were having fun.

Noddy Watts, a well-known community organizer outlined that the ban had not been working and was culminating in swathes of arrests. He went further to outline that the police were determined to in dealing with the drunk teens. Mr Watts revealed that the police and St John were with the passage of time growing much frustrated and they said that there was need for change.

The official in a recent interview outlined that it was very sad witnessing very the young people ruin their lives through excessive drinking. He said that some of them even moved ahead to drive while driving and that resulted in the occurrence of accidents on roads. The death toll has been rising and there is need to pay attention to the matter.