Since it was launched in 2015, new printing and sharing features have been added to Google Photos, forming the most significant upgrade in the photo-storing service’s two-year existence. This will allow users to automatically share all or selected photos and order printed photo books.

Users will also now get automated suggestions detailing what they can share and also with whom they can share. These suggestions will be based on such clues as face detection and location. Most of the new features that have been introduced in Google Photos have been made possible by machine learning.

Hit product

In the two years that Google Photos has been in existence, the service has become a hit. According to the photo-storing service’s engineering head, Aravind Krishnaswamy, every month over half a billion people use Google Photos. On a daily basis, an average of 1.2 billion photos are backed up.

Google Photos provides unlimited storage in the case of compressed photos but for full-size files, there is a paid option. Users can thus upload as many photos as they want without having to worry which ones to delete or keep.

Photo-sharing capabilities

With regards to sharing, the upgrade now means that users can connect their Google Photos account with one other user and this will allow that particular user to view their photos from the moment they are uploaded. Users are also presented with a choice of automatically sharing everything or only sharing specific photos. It will also be possible to limit the photos that can be shared using the date they were taken.

To order a printed photo book the price will start at $9.99 and the books can either be a softcover or a hardcover. Users of Google Photos can print from an existing album or allow algorithms to pick the best photos.

It is expected that later in the year Google will introduce a feature which enables photo books to be suggested automatically depending on events or themes such as vacations, birthday parties, weddings and so on. Also set to be introduced later in the year in Google Photos is the Lens feature which will allow for image recognition.