Twitter has updated its platform, following which the users will be in a position to mute notifications from unknown or anonymous accounts. The social media firm has taken this measure to make Twitter platform more user-friendly and also to control disparaging and malicious behavior from users.

Earlier in March, the company reported that it would release new updates, helping the users to control notifications from unknown accounts. Tech analysts have applauded this recent update, which eventually is a form of stern measure against cyber-bullying. With the new update, users can now stop receiving notifications from the users they don’t follow. The latest advanced filter settings can also be used to downgrade low-quality notifications.

This measure is not surprising as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are designing some or other ways to curb extremists and derogatory content from their social media platforms. So far, Twitter has suspended nearly 360,000 accounts in a fight against terrorism and is set to taking more actions, if required to filter out content that directly or indirectly spreads extremist narrative.

Apart from stopping cyber-bullying and going after extremist content, Twitter is even trying to get soccer World Cup videos to it platform. Additionally, Twitter has also permitted super steamers to make money using its social media platform.

Users generally get notifications from different types of accounts that they would like to avoid. Besides permitting the quality filter, users can choose to restrict notifications from the different types of accounts, which include accounts that are new and user don’t follow; accounts that don’t follow user and user also don’t follow; accounts user don’t follow; accounts with no profile photo that user don’t follow; accounts without a verified email address and accounts without a verified phone number that user don’t follow.

To set notification filters on the web, a user need to go to notification timelines. Then click on settings so as to view filter notifications, and then check the box of preferred filter(s) activate it.