After 14 hours on the floor, Senate Democrats ended their filibuster just after the Republican side said yes to voting on the proposed gun control measures.

Democratic Senator, Chris Murphy entered the floor on Wednesday, held the floor in the Senate and vowed to stay for as long as he could till there was a sign that both parties could agree. He said that after reaching a compromise voting will be done on the decision whether or not to ban gun licenses for those in the government’s terrorist watch list and also if they should increase background checks on internet sales and gun shows.

It was a series of speech after speech, a Senate hold no doubt driven by the violent mass shooting witnessed in an Orlando gay club.

Sen. Murphy made it very clear that he had had enough. The slaughtering of the innocent is something he could no longer take and he was tired of not taking any action. Murphy had to abide by the Senate rules like standing at his desk to ensure that order was maintained. Even when asked about how he felt, he said that when he was in his twenties he underwent rehabilitation for a back injury and this helped him build endurance.

What Murphy is aiming for is tighter restrictions enacted by Congress so that those who have serious criminal records or histories, those on the terrorist watch lists and the mentally incompetent are not able to obtain guns.

The Orlando shooting which is said to have heavily influenced Murphy’s decision is one of the worst mass shootings on American soil. Forty-nine lives were lost. Omar Mateen, the Orlando gunman bought his weapons legally. It is said that he bought the Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle together with a hand gun one week before he committed the massacre.

Murphy said that the common dominator in all shootings in the country is the weapon that was used to commit the act. Most of the weapons are powerfully guns meant to kill as many people as possible. The Senator really has the issue at heart since it is his Connecticut state that witnessed the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

He made this very clear in the senate by stating that he was furious and angry that the Congress always had no response after mass shootings.