Mogadishu track bombings are currently on the rise and the attack on Saturday has been condemned by people around the globe. The rescue workers engaged in a search for survivors and from the number of the injured persons it was easy to see just how much the Islamist insurgency is affecting the country.

About 20 people lost their lives on Saturday and by Sunday the number had risen to 270.Government officials disclosed that about 300 had succumbed to serious injuries. The incident was one of the deadliest and the world is closely watching.

The United States is at the moment making plans to make its entry into Somali in a bid to stop the Shabab, Somali-based militants. This group has for many years troubled the country and a lot of innocent lives have been lost.

Mogadishu is constantly under threat and the groups have destabilized peace across the borders in the east African region. The African Union forces have in a major way helped fight this group but it is proving a rather difficult group to face out even with the American counterterrorism operations.

These militants owe allegiance to either the Islamic State or the Al Qaeda. Abdullahi Mohamed, the Somali president, was moved by the killings and he went ahead to declare three days of national mourning. He asked citizens to donate blood to the affected persons and he played a lead role by making his blood donation.

Mohamed opined, “Today’s horrific attack proves our enemy would stop nothing to cause our people pain and suffering. Let’s unite against terror. It is time to unite and pray together. Terror won’t win.”

Doctors at hospitals in Mogadishu worked around the clock to help save lives. The smell of blood in the hospital was intense and the nurses had to put up with the horror of various wounded patients. The doctors were struggling to stay awake as the screams of the victims rent the air.

About 15 airstrikes against Shabab leaders have been launched by the United States Special Operations forces. Their activities are ongoing and this time around the forces are determined to stop the group once and for all.