Microsoft has announced that it has terminated online sales for its original Xbox One in the U.S as well as the UK, indicating that it is shifting focus towards the latest versions.

Numerous reports have confirmed that the company is no longer selling the original Xbox One. In fact, the Microsoft Store lists the four-year-old console as “out of stock” but this is not unexpected considering that the company discontinued the production of the console a while ago. The decision to discontinue the original Xbox One also comes a year after the launch of the introduction of the slimmer Xbox One X which also happens to be slightly more powerful. It also features a 4k-Blu-Ray player and it also features a very appealing price tag of $300.

“The hardware of Microsoft Xbox One X console is competing against its latest rival, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro,” stated NDTV.

Microsoft is also paving way for the Xbox One X which it recently introduced to compete with the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Xbox One X also packs a powerful punch as far as performance is concerned due to its high specs and it is also capable of rendering content at “true 4K.” Microsoft believes that the two devices are a strong portfolio for the console gaming market and pulling sales for the original Xbox One will allow for better sales performance for the remaining two consoles.

The Xbox One X is already available for pre-order and it is one of the most anticipated consoles ever. Just one week after retailers started taking pre-orders for the device, Microsoft announced that the limited pre-release Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was the most pre-ordered Xbox ever. The console will be available in stores as of September 7.

Microsoft targets the upper end of the pricing spectrum with the Xbox One X while the lower end will be catered by the Xbox One S which is fairly priced. It thus makes no sense for the original Xbox to still be in production or sale. The company anticipates impressive sales from the Xbox One X is available in the market, and potentially even doing better in sales than the PlayStation 4 Pro due to the fact that it is more powerful and offers native 4K out of the box.