Mexico has offered to send its soldiers to the U.S to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey but it seems Trump is undecided about whether to accept the help or not.

Hurricane Harvey hit quite hard over the coasts of Louisiana and Texas leaving a lot of devastation and flooding. The damage caused by the hurricane has left a lot of people in dire need of help and Mexico has offered by sending its soldiers over the border. However, President Trump’s administration is yet to accept Mexico’s offer for help. It is not clear why Trump has not yet accepted the help but it could most likely be because the federal government has things covered.

The very fact that Mexico is extending its hand to help the U.S is quite interesting considering that Trump has previously said some nasty things about the country. The most memorable one includes wanting to build a wall to keep the Mexicans away. POTUS has said more sensitive things about Mexicans but they are willing to overlook those things for the sake of helping the people in need of help.

“The Mexican government takes this opportunity to express its full solidarity with the people and government of the United States as a result of the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and expresses that it has offered to provide help and cooperation to the US government in order to deal with the impact of this natural disaster —as good neighbors should always do in trying times,” wrote Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

If Trump was to accept Mexico’s help, it would mark the first time that Mexican soldiers have set foot on U.S soil ever since 1846 during the Mexican-American war. It would also not be the first time that Mexico has helped the U.S. The Mexican military carried food, water, and medical kits among other supplies to the U.S border to help Hurricane Katrina victims. Forecasters claim that Hurricane Harvey may still not be done despite having caused extensive damage already. The director of FEMA claims that the Hurricane Harvey could be the worst storm that Texas has ever experienced.