According to a Mexican official, its intelligence teams were tracking the movements of Sean Penn, and his photographs helped them find the elusive ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. The attorney general of Mexico, Arely Gomez Gonzalez, told that the private interview of actor Penn, with the drug lord played a crucial role in capture of Guzman. The statement from the attorney general came on the same day when the EL Universal newspaper of Mexico published the photos of a Mexican actor, Kate del Castillo, with Penn arriving in Guadalajara, Mexico before the scheduled meeting with Guzman.

It is believed that Castillo played a key role in arranging the interview.

Guzman tries ‘tunnel’ escape

The drug lord from Mexico, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, have been successful in eluding the police in the past, escaping through different secret tunnels. Last week, he was nearly successful in his endeavor but was found while he was using the same trick he had last year to escape from a prison. He had used a sophisticated tunnel as an escape route to liberate himself from the tunnel.

Televisa, the Mexican broadcaster published a detailed video about the escape route of Guzman. At the time of the escape, the drug head was trying to give a slip to the marines when they stormed into the Los Mochis city house where he was staying. Hours letter the officials captured him while he was trying to leave the city using a stolen car.

The video revealed the secret tunnel to be hidden behind the closet mirror with its switch secured in the ceiling. The images showed the tube to be safely hidden from eye view with wooden planks and electricity covering the walls. It took around 90 minutes for the marine officials to discover the tunnel, open it and reach Guzman.

Interview with Penn

In the Rolling Stone piece, that carries an interview of the fugitive drug Don by Sean Penn; Guzman says that he is the leading supplier of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in the world with a fleet of trucks, boats, submarines and airplanes for assistance. Experts think that out of the 10,000 words, only 1500 offer an insight into the personality of Guzman, rest can be skipped.