In his recent post on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that he aims to build an artificial intelligence assistant, almost similar to ‘Jarvis’ in superhero movies Iron Man and live life just like Tony Stark. The CEO of Facebook said that he wants an AI to assist him at the office and around the house. AI will be designed on the lines similar to the robotic butler in the Marvel movies.

Zuckerberg has always been trying his hands at different things and every year he comes up with new ideas to kick off the year. A couple of years ago, he studied Mandarin, read books and also wrote obligatory notes to one person every day. This year he seems to be in the mood to live like Tony Stark so that work at both his office and home functions smoothly.

Exploring existing technology

The post says Zuckerberg is to explore existing technology and teach it recognize his voice so that the Butler could supervise things in his homes such as temperature, lights, and music. The AI assistant will be trained to recognize the faces of family friends so that they could be allowed entry into his home after they ring the doorbell. Similarly, the Artificial Butler will also assist him in real work by visualizing data and carry on other daily activities so that he can supervise his work as leader of the organization more effectively.

Zuckerberg is already impressed with Amazon Echo, a wireless speaker connected to the internet around Alex, a personal digital assistant. Alexa helps him control music on the system when his hands are occupied with his newborn daughter, Max. The Butler is to monitor the movements in the room of Max and lets Zuckerberg know if anything is wrong, whenever he is not in the room.

The chief of the Menlo Park’s Californian Company has a habit of challenging himself and planning a la Jarvis Butler is his yet another effort at taking help of enhanced technology to live and work better.