The iOS operating system is once again appearing vulnerable after the emergence of a video which when played is causing the iPhone to crash. The video is in the mp4 format and is only five seconds long. It shows a figure by a bedside with the word ‘Honey’ scrolling across the screen. Immediately iPhone users play the short clip, they will only be able to use their phones for about 30 seconds before the device becomes increasingly slow. Finally, it freezes and crashes altogether. The freezing is believed to be caused by a loop that the video is creating.

The whole family of iPhones

The problem is not restricted to a few versions of the iPhone but rather including those with the latest updates installed. On Apple’s iOS 10.2 beta 3, the malicious video even makes the iPhone display the spinning wheel that is normally visible when one is powering off. However, the video is only causing the iPhone to crash when it is sent as a link. When transferred as a file, the Apple device does not experience any problems. The video is also harmless to other non-Apple devices including Windows and Android-based devices.

Remedy for affected users

The malicious video is nothing more than a nuisance though and will not cause lasting damage. Users who have accidentally clicked on a link to the video need only perform a hard reset of their phone in order to unfreeze it. Owners of iPhone 6S and older versions should press the power and the home button simultaneously to hard reset their phones. It is a little different with the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 as users will be required to press the volume down and the power button concurrently.

In the recent past, there have been several incidents affecting iOS devices. Mid last year, a bug was discovered which made iPhones with iOS 8.3 installed to crash. Earlier this year, Apple’s own browser kept crashing in devices which had been updated with iOS 9.3. Apple is yet to comment on the latest incident.