French President Emmanuel Macron is one of the leaders around the globe who has been so much against the menace of fake news. He can’t take it anymore and that is the reason he intends to introduce a new law which he believes will move quite a long way in helping curb the menace of fake news.

In his New Year’s speech, Macron disclosed that soon he would impose new rules of the wide array of social media platforms in operation. According to him, such platforms were used inappropriately and that was by all means unacceptable and he wouldn’t condone that anymore.

The leader said that democracy was the pillar of any progressive country and it needed to be protected no matter what it took. According to him, election periods were rather sensitive and there was need to check out those platforms more critically.

If everything goes according to plan, all websites will be asked to provide their financial backers and there will also be a limitation in line with any form of sponsored content. Every measure that is going to be put in place will be for the best according to Macron.

The authorities will have a part to play. They will be expected to monitor all sorts of content after which they will move ahead to either block or remove all the websites that published fakes news. With all that in place, it goes without saying that the menace of fake news might be eliminated once and for all.

The leader said that it was important to protect liberal democracies and the only way to do that would be by setting up clear rules and standing up strong. France’s audiovisual regulator will also have a part to play in helping curb the menace. It will soon be given additional power which will see it through in its efforts of fighting any form of destabilization attempts emanating from the various television channels.

The president opined, “Thousands of propaganda accounts on social networks are spreading all over the world, in all languages, lies invented to tarnish political officials, personalities, public figures, journalists.”