The outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in New York has claimed the life of 8 people as of August 5, 2015, and according to city authorities, a total of 97 cases have been reported so far.

The people who died of the condition were mostly older adults, who also are reported to have other medical problems along with Legionnaires‘. More details in this regard are awaited.

The number of infections in New York has been on the rise from the previous day tally, with new 11 cases been reported.

Legionnaires' Outbreak In New York

A report in NDTV mentioned that Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that severe outbreak of Legionnaire’s in New York has reached its peak.

Of all the cases reported so far, 48 people have been treated for the disease and have returned home.

Known to be a form of pneumonia, the Legionnaires’ disease is known to be spread by a unique kind of bacteria, which has been recently discovered in five buildings in South Bronx neighborhood. The bacteria were found in the cooling towers of the buildings.

According to reports, the infections are likely to have spread via the ventilation systems that are connected to the towers, which have been reported to be decontaminated.

People don’t have to worry as Legionnaires’ is a treatable condition and cannot pass from one person to another. Antibiotics are used for treating the condition.

It is known that the bacteria that causes Legionnaires thrives in warm water, which are mostly found in air-conditioning systems and other kinds of hot water pipes.