Facebook’s methods of filtering graphic content such as terrorism and pornography among others thanks to some leaked documents that were published by The Guardian.

The Guardian revealed that Facebook moderators are usually overwhelmed by graphic content popping up on the company’s social media. The newspaper revealed that the moderators usually have a decision-making window of about 10 seconds. The report also stated that the social media giant usually deals with more than 6.5 million potentially fake accounts reported on a weekly basis. The leaked document revealed that the firm has been having a hard time handling the massive amount of content popping up on its social media platforms and that it uses regulatory measures that are contradictory at times.

The guardian claims that it has more than 100 internal documents from Facebook

The Guardian claims that it went through more than 100 documents including flowcharts, spreadsheets, and training manuals belonging to Facebook. The documents are reportedly used to guide moderators once the graphic content is brought forward. They revealed the company’s efforts toward offering a platform where people can engage in free speech and at the same time avoid harmful content.

Facebook employs automation to eliminate graphic content such as terrorism, pornography, sexual abuse and other social evils. The rest of the flagged content is then dealt with by moderators.

“People commonly express distain or disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in generally facetious and unserious ways,” one of the documents about violence revealed.

The document further added that the guidelines allow for some of the content that has been flagged to remain on the platform. Moderators are basically supposed to determine whether a statement was made jokingly or whether it appears to be a serious threat. The moderators are also supposed to identify content or comments that seem to be targeting specific groups or individuals that might be vulnerable.

Despite the aggressive push by Facebook to remove some content, it has clauses or guidelines that allow content such as photos or videos showing graphic content such as animal abuse to remain online for awareness purposes.

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